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WTM Ep. 77: Dolemite (1975)

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***THIS IS AN EPISODE FROM THE ARCHIVES! We're now in the process of putting our back catalogue on our new feed as we migrated to podbean last May, but couldn't transfer everything at once. This episode was originally released on 2/13/17.***

Mulder and Wolfie T are back to continue their exploration of the Blaxpoitation genre with a bonafide classic, Dolemite! Rudy Ray Moore is fantastic as the title character and his career outside of these movies is even more impressive. He was an influential stand-up comedian, producer, singer and an all-around BAMF. Some call him the "Godfather of Rap," and for good reason. "Dolemite is his name, and #$#%$^%@@##$^%&&# is HIS GAME!"

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