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WTM Ep. 311: Take Away (2003) and Australia Day with Stuart Baulk!

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Mulder and Wolfie T celebrate Australia Day by welcoming back Stuart Baulk to discuss an Australian film of his choosing, Take Away from 2003. Aside from the film, which the hosts and guest have polar opposite views on, they also bicker about other differences between the U.S. and Australia. An alternate title for this episode could be Stu Defends His Honor as he gets his revenge after previously having to suffer through Crocodile Dundee and Die Hard 2. So enjoy this contentious episode, it's a real Corker!

As always, Stu can usually be heard on the incredible Midnight Movie Cowboys podcast which is based right here on Podbean, but can be found pretty much anywhere you listen or download podcasts. You can check out their website HERE.

Next week we will be discussing A Serious Man (2009) with Zolly Becker (who just got a new microphone!!!) so stay tuned for that!

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