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Medical Cannabis Logistics - What does it involve? Where is it now? Where is it heading to?

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Medical Cannabis market will be worth nearly $98 billion by 2026 with 30% CAGR. Beyond domestic production and consumption, it is also becoming international. What does that mean for the logistics world? Special interviews with Yoram Eshel, CEO at Loginor LTD, a former Global Head of Logistics at TEVA and Ashik Karim, CEO LiteLink, a tech entrepreneur and investor based in Vancouver, Canada.

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  • Wonder of Logistics podcast

    CES 2022 and Logistics Industry


    Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) 2022 took place last week in Las Vegas, and let’s take a look at some trends that were highlighted at CES 2022, and talk briefly about the implications to the logistics industry.
  • Wonder of Logistics podcast

    Gen Z and Logistics


    Gen Z is born in 1997 or later, and some of them are either already in work force or about to get in.  Is logistics and transportation industry ready for this generation?  Is this generation even thinking about starting their career paths in this industry?  This generation is also known as "Digital Native" - their first phones were already smartphones.  Recently I had a great fun having a open and informal conversation with two amazing young people: Daniela Ghimp in UK and Khaled Al Saber in UAE.  Listen to what they had to share.
  • Wonder of Logistics podcast

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  • Wonder of Logistics podcast

    Logistics and shipping during and beyond Covid-19


    About a month ago, I’ve had a honor to share my thoughts on logistics and shipping during and beyond Covid-19 at Rx-360 European Virtual Conference, and this is a part of what I shared at the conference.
  • Wonder of Logistics podcast

    Top 3 Logistics Technology Trends for 2021


    After a little more than a year of Covid-19, what are the top logistics technology trends for 2021? One thing Covid taught us is that it is already too late to think about these when the next disaster (small or big) hits your supply chain.
  • Wonder of Logistics podcast

    Fundamentals of Covid-19 Vaccine Logistics


    We are hearing almost every day about the Covid-19 vaccines, and often, there are many talks about the cold chain logistics.  Rightly so, it will surely be one of the largest vaccine logistics we've ever seen.  So, every other month I am planning to share my insights and observation on Covid-19 vaccine logistics.  At this episode, I am kicking it off with some fundamentals of Covid-19 vaccine logistics that we should be aware of.
  • Wonder of Logistics podcast

    US and Mexico Cross Border Trades, Covid-19, and USMCA: Challenges and Opportunities


    From Jan to July this year, Mexico is the top trading partner of the United States, with two-way trade totaling $290.6 billion. With such increase of activities, here come bottle neck and in-balance challenges.  For examples, at the cross-border point in El Paso TX, the load to truck ratio is as high as 8:1 while the ratio at Laredo TX  skyrocketed to 15:1 (number of loads per truck). Since USMCA (United States Mexico Canada Agreement) is new (since July 2020), many people are trying to figure out their supply chain impact and future planning, and currently there is significantly less freight going into Mexico, meaning lack of drivers situation from Mexico to USA.  Some drivers (who live in Mexico or US) are trying cross the border to drive for their next truckloads are often stuck in the borders waiting for hours  (due to Covid-19 related additional inspections) and eventually give up and return home, amplifying driver shortage issue. Of course, recent weather uncertainty (hurricanes and storms) and surge of eCommerce and consumer behavior changes due to Covid-19 are adding additional complexity.  Will it be a new norm for US/MX cross-border?  How can multi-stakeholders including governments work together to improve the situation? We had a fascinating interview with Gubio Henrique - SVP at Redwood Logistics, Larry Hotz - Marketing Director at Woodfield Distribution, and Professor Tom Fullerton at University of Texas at El Paso.
  • Wonder of Logistics podcast

    Social Equality, Social Justice and Logistics


    If we would like social equality and social justice situations improved in USA and around the world, we also need to talk about logistics - which is about enabling commerce (flows of goods, money, people) locally, regionally, and globally - stimulating financial flows, job increases, boosting local economies, etc.
  • Wonder of Logistics podcast

    What will it take to reopen during and post Covid-19?


    Everyone wants to get back to normal!  But until we have the vaccines for broad population, we need to face the new norm. Even with covid-19 vaccines, it will take at least 2 years to create that herd immunity in global population.  Some consumer behaviors will change without turning around.  So, your reopening strategy has to be methodical, scientific and principle-based.
  • Wonder of Logistics podcast

    5G and Logistics


    What does 5G mobile technology mean to logistics world? What's available now? What will come in a near future?
  • Wonder of Logistics podcast

    COVID19 Impact on Global Logistics


    Just only a couple of weeks ago, the entire Transatlantic passenger flights got grounded wiping out 75% of cargo capacity on that trade lane. Other modes such as Ocean and Road are coping with their own drastic situations. This episode is a quick overview of the current (as of 8 April 2020) global logistics situation in the midst of the pandemic COVID19.

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