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597: Lobsters Have Feelings Too!

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the UK figures out that octopuses, crabs, and lobsters are “sentient beings” / why didn’t we ever discuss “what is life” in school? / when people bring their envy, pride & anger into spiritual circles should it affect our faith? / 4 types of children analogy - the vikarmi, karmi, jnani & bhakta

SB 3.29.8-10

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  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    647: Cleaning Out the Spam Folder of the Mind


    Marcus Aurelius zooms the hell out / cleaning out the spam folder of the mind / the Yoga system is meant to get the soul back on track / false ideas impressed within our minds are the cause of our losing touch with our true nature and seeking happiness externally / hitting the warning bumps in the material world / asking the “big why” in life / Daksha had the right lifestyle, but the wrong sentiments / niyamāgrahaḥ - following all the rules without knowing their purpose / the smile of Vishnu / yoga starts with controlling the tongue SB 4.7.17-24
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    646: Does My Speech Pass the Hot Mic Test?


    sing your death song & die like a hero going home / what will it take in our life to die nobly? / burning is learning / no longer blaming the world for your shortcomings is the dawn of liberation / my gluetraps are my blessings / does my speech pass the hot mic test?  / honor every being (they could be a deva in disguise) / the stumbling blocks are tests of our sincerity / Bhagavad-gita is anti cancel culture / this book is alive! SB 4.7.12-16
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

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  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    645: We’re Death Doula from Dayton, Ohio


    we all can be death doulas / Srimad Bhagavatam is one long death doula session / No Raghunath - you’re not a death Doula /  Who do I need to say “thank you”, “I love you” and “I’m sorry” to today? / the brain is just hardware - consciousness is generated from the soul / Daksha’s goat-headed remorse / Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam purifies the heart like autumnal rains upon pools of muddy water / God is perceived in the repentant heart / we’ve been battling the force of time & material energy - time to surrender and embrace God SB 4.7.7-11
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    644: Were Past Civilizations More Advanced?


    if equal affection cannot be, let the more loving one be me / selflessness doesn’t deny the need for adherence to dharmic principles / Sri Chaitanya’s unconditional love / there will never be enough validation from others to make me feel whole / Xenotransplantation - is it possible to transplant a goat’s head to a human? / is it possible that past civilizations were more advanced? / we’ve got to throw out our material attachments to receive the more valuable treasures SB 4.7.1-6
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    643: The Beauty of the Yogi is Forgiveness


    no blame, no reasoning no argument, just understanding / rewire & recalibrate the vehicle by hearing wisdom daily / we’re doing time in the material world & hopefully learning lessons / tread with care with everyone you meet / taking offense is the first domino / the beauty of a tapasvi is forgiveness / we’re all strapped a time bomb that’s about to blow / you can’t use the energy unless you know how to handle the energy / do all of my activities please God? / There is no real happiness without connecting to the roots / saranagati! SB 4.6.48-53
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    642: Interview with Sri Prahlada - From Childhood Activism to PhD in Spiritual Leadership


    born into Bhakti / being schooled in ashrams / freeing the Soviet Krishna devotees / traveling the world with Indradyumna Swami / becoming a professor / Leadership Lessons From the Bhagavad-gita Follow on IG @sriprahlada_official Follow on FB Sri Prahlada Das
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    641: Q & A - Volume 91


    What are the benefits and pitfalls of ashram life? / What are some daily practices that you can recommend that I can start to incorporate into my daily life to help start building a closer relationship to God?
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    640: RED FLAG - Feeling Pain When Others Flourish


    Cut off the chain of hate / project the ethic of love to the center of our lives / would Kaustubha wear deerskin? / mean-minded people have already been killed by providence / RED FLAG - when we are pained to see the flourishing condition of others / we don’t have to be the administrators of karma / pray for the good fortune of those you envy SB 4.6.36-47
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    639: Yoga = Governing the Kingdom of Our Thoughts


    don’t let the birds of sorrow build a nest in your mind / Louisa May Alcott sounds like a yogi / wisdom & austerity purify the senses / material desire leads to frustration and anger / material desire destroys knowledge & wisdom / regulate the senses to loosen the noose of addiction / austerity without devotion can harden the heart / if you identify with that which can be broken you will eventually feel broken / don’t scratch the itch of material existence SB 4.6.35
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    638: Can We Expand Our Minds & Not Be So Glib?


    a good attitude goes a long way / you can’t bring the ‘me first and the gimmes gimmes’ into your spiritual life / before you dismiss it glibly, you need to examine it / Lord Shiva is 48 miles tall? / we’ve lost our potency - we’re domesticated dogs / space, as described in Bhagavatam, involves unlimited scales & dimensions / our experience is very tiny & limited / divine love is the highest pursuit / Srimad Bhagavatam clarifies everything SB 4.6.31-35

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