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587: Replacing the Reruns in the Mind

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what do we need to accept (or let go of) / where’s the tip of the nose? / the description of God begins with His smile / fear of a personal God / if Krishna was on the Dating Game / the Kaustubha jewel / Krishna coming home with the cows ins the original parade / seeing God within one's own heart

SB 3.28.12-18

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  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    639: Yoga = Governing the Kingdom of Our Thoughts


    don’t let the birds of sorrow build a nest in your mind / Louisa May Alcott sounds like a yogi / wisdom & austerity purify the senses / material desire leads to frustration and anger / material desire destroys knowledge & wisdom / regulate the senses to loosen the noose of addiction / austerity without devotion can harden the heart / if you identify with that which can be broken you will eventually feel broken / don’t scratch the itch of material existence SB 4.6.35
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    638: Can We Expand Our Minds & Not Be So Glib?


    a good attitude goes a long way / you can’t bring the ‘me first and the gimmes gimmes’ into your spiritual life / before you dismiss it glibly, you need to examine it / Lord Shiva is 48 miles tall? / we’ve lost our potency - we’re domesticated dogs / space, as described in Bhagavatam, involves unlimited scales & dimensions / our experience is very tiny & limited / divine love is the highest pursuit / Srimad Bhagavatam clarifies everything SB 4.6.31-35
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

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  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    637: Life is a Series of Repeating Lessons


    The tubes of life float you down the river together just for a moment / Life is a series of repeating lessons designed to help us face the fact that there are forces more powerful than us / bow down mister / Apologize whole heartedly with complete conviction / Brahma didn’t say “Not my circus, not my monkeys” / We think we’re advanced…..not even close / the iPhone, the Giraffe & the Zebra all teach us to accept that unbelievable things are possible SB 4.6.6-31
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    636: How to Apologize


    the unexamined life is not worth living / examining the mind’s desires / Raghu slows down / what good is your religion if you’re offending great souls? / Daksha loses his head / Lord Brahma - the adult in the room, the voice of reason / be quick to apologize / apologize without mental reservations 4.5.20- 4.6.6
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    635: Interview with Yogi Charu - The Mind’s Needs, Cravings, Aspirations & Yearnings


    Arjuna’s focus / gaining insights though practicing austerities / combining introspection with austerities / the fasting of Maharaja Pariksit and the sages / how can people less adept apply practices of austerity? / Krishna is in the Earth, in the food & in the fire of digestion / 4 quadrants of desire - needs, cravings, aspirations & yearnings / Prabhupada gave us so many ways to focus on Krishna Learn more at http://www.yogicharu.com or http://bhakticenter.org.
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    634: Q & A -- Volume 90


    How can we bridge the gap between the truth that I am not the body & the practical reality that I need to take care of the body? / Are we karmically responsible for our thoughts & our dreams? / If I drink a glass of wine at dinner, would that make me less fit for Krishna consciousness? / How do I keep myself from feelings of envy & dejection when I hear of my peers out-achieving me? / Was Arjuna on psychedelics & was Krishna his guru in the use of psychedelics? / Can you please discuss how to interpret traditional yogic recommendations to sleep less in relation to modern recommendations for sleep?
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    633: Metaverse -- The Next Big Thing That Won't Make Us Happy


    Zuckerberg doublespeak / metaverse the next big thing that won’t make us happy / the dream within the dream within the dream / all this technology is making us weak / there are no adults in the room / Prabhupada’s vision of Bhakti in cooperation with earth & animals / persons who have lost their vision due to the dense darkness of ignorance shall get light from Srimad Bhagavatam / it’s about internal devotion, not the externals / Daksa’s chickens come home to roost / don’t mess with Lord Shiva / all hell breaks loose 4.4.31-4.5.19
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    632: How Dharma Cultivates Letting Go


    the wise waste neither men nor words / even four harnessed horses cannot bring imprudent words back into the mouth / pray for the blessing to lose interest in village talk / the path of enjoyment & the path of renunciation / there’s nothing of this world that will satisfy my heart / all the rules are meant to lead to Bhakti / dharma - from brahmacarya to gṛhastha to vānaprastha to sannyāsa / Sati sets off the spontaneous human combustion 4.4.20-30
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    631: Sati Rebukes the Religious Orthodoxy


    focus on progress not perfection / the message of the Bhagavatam is that love (not religion) is the highest pursuit / if one’s not careful their religion can foster envy & animosity / the spiritualist sees beyond the surface / the great souls magnify the good in others / if someones shares gossip with me - then what is wrong with me? / hearing criticism of great souls kills spiritual life / great souls transcend religious rules 4.4.11-19 [email protected] www.jivagcoaching.com
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    630: Sati Speaks Truth to Power


    practice charity, austerity & sacrifice (on your birthday) / the Shiva -Shakti element of Shiva & Sati’s dialog / Bhagavatam is meant to end our cycles of bad karma / getting over the triggers to hear the real message / deluded by the feminine nature - deluded by the masculine nature / Sati’s posse go to the event / the women receive Sati warmly & the men cold / when anger becomes justified / Sati speaks truth to power / don’t take offense, don’t make offense / great souls overlook the faults in others and magnify what good they see SB 4.3.23-4.4.12

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