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584: Forgiveness is a Quiet Mind

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carving out a little sadhana routine / yoga is reclaiming our freedom from the mind / material sound is exhausting / push through the flavorless period to develop taste for sadhana / withdrawing the senses / make the mind a friend / transcending the modes of nature through meditation on Krishna / put up a roadblock on the path of revenge / the universe is held together by forgiveness / forgiveness is a quiet mind / forgiveness is the highest virtue


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    637: Life is a Series of Repeating Lessons


    The tubes of life float you down the river together just for a moment / Life is a series of repeating lessons designed to help us face the fact that there are forces more powerful than us / bow down mister / Apologize whole heartedly with complete conviction / Brahma didn’t say “Not my circus, not my monkeys” / We think we’re advanced…..not even close / the iPhone, the Giraffe & the Zebra all teach us to accept that unbelievable things are possible SB 4.6.6-31
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    636: How to Apologize


    the unexamined life is not worth living / examining the mind’s desires / Raghu slows down / what good is your religion if you’re offending great souls? / Daksha loses his head / Lord Brahma - the adult in the room, the voice of reason / be quick to apologize / apologize without mental reservations 4.5.20- 4.6.6
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  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    635: Interview with Yogi Charu - The Mind’s Needs, Cravings, Aspirations & Yearnings


    Arjuna’s focus / gaining insights though practicing austerities / combining introspection with austerities / the fasting of Maharaja Pariksit and the sages / how can people less adept apply practices of austerity? / Krishna is in the Earth, in the food & in the fire of digestion / 4 quadrants of desire - needs, cravings, aspirations & yearnings / Prabhupada gave us so many ways to focus on Krishna Learn more at http://www.yogicharu.com or http://bhakticenter.org.
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    634: Q & A -- Volume 90


    How can we bridge the gap between the truth that I am not the body & the practical reality that I need to take care of the body? / Are we karmically responsible for our thoughts & our dreams? / If I drink a glass of wine at dinner, would that make me less fit for Krishna consciousness? / How do I keep myself from feelings of envy & dejection when I hear of my peers out-achieving me? / Was Arjuna on psychedelics & was Krishna his guru in the use of psychedelics? / Can you please discuss how to interpret traditional yogic recommendations to sleep less in relation to modern recommendations for sleep?
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    633: Metaverse -- The Next Big Thing That Won't Make Us Happy


    Zuckerberg doublespeak / metaverse the next big thing that won’t make us happy / the dream within the dream within the dream / all this technology is making us weak / there are no adults in the room / Prabhupada’s vision of Bhakti in cooperation with earth & animals / persons who have lost their vision due to the dense darkness of ignorance shall get light from Srimad Bhagavatam / it’s about internal devotion, not the externals / Daksa’s chickens come home to roost / don’t mess with Lord Shiva / all hell breaks loose 4.4.31-4.5.19
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    632: How Dharma Cultivates Letting Go


    the wise waste neither men nor words / even four harnessed horses cannot bring imprudent words back into the mouth / pray for the blessing to lose interest in village talk / the path of enjoyment & the path of renunciation / there’s nothing of this world that will satisfy my heart / all the rules are meant to lead to Bhakti / dharma - from brahmacarya to gṛhastha to vānaprastha to sannyāsa / Sati sets off the spontaneous human combustion 4.4.20-30
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    631: Sati Rebukes the Religious Orthodoxy


    focus on progress not perfection / the message of the Bhagavatam is that love (not religion) is the highest pursuit / if one’s not careful their religion can foster envy & animosity / the spiritualist sees beyond the surface / the great souls magnify the good in others / if someones shares gossip with me - then what is wrong with me? / hearing criticism of great souls kills spiritual life / great souls transcend religious rules 4.4.11-19 [email protected] www.jivagcoaching.com
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    630: Sati Speaks Truth to Power


    practice charity, austerity & sacrifice (on your birthday) / the Shiva -Shakti element of Shiva & Sati’s dialog / Bhagavatam is meant to end our cycles of bad karma / getting over the triggers to hear the real message / deluded by the feminine nature - deluded by the masculine nature / Sati’s posse go to the event / the women receive Sati warmly & the men cold / when anger becomes justified / Sati speaks truth to power / don’t take offense, don’t make offense / great souls overlook the faults in others and magnify what good they see SB 4.3.23-4.4.12
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    629: The Real Namaste


    what’s in your cup will spill out when you’re rattled / the wise let go of opportunities for enjoyment & embrace opportunities for service / false ego leads to distress leads to envy / the real namaste is to see the presence of God in everyone / Raghu is thinking like Prabhupada again! / when you see the soul & Supersoul in everyone the mind never becomes degraded / if the body is a temple, then who is the deity in the temple? / the guru is a postal peon 4.3.18-22
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    628: An Interview with Leela Vilasini — Vrindavan is Where I Belong


    Sadhaka Leela Vilasini discusses moving from Kazakhstan to Vrindavan, the potency of Vrindavan and of the Brijbasis. She dives into Govardhan Lila, where the heart of Vrindavan is uncovered, ordinary talks are not ordinary and Krishna is in the center. Can you handle committing to Krishna?

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