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564: The Supersoul Within & the Time Factor Without

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Bhisma’s 9 deathbed instructions / the external bath & the internal bath / in the material realm, nothing is more powerful than time / we can chose whether to listen to the Supersoul, but we have to listen to time / our default setting is enjoyment / hang out with people that light you up / we need purification to tune into the Supersoul / sadhana + regulation of the senses is the formula for yoga / GET THE HELL OF THE ALTAR!

SB 3.26.17-18

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    the UK figures out that octopuses, crabs, and lobsters are “sentient beings” / why didn’t we ever discuss “what is life” in school? / when people bring their envy, pride & anger into spiritual circles should it affect our faith? / 4 types of children analogy - the vikarmi, karmi, jnani & bhakta SB 3.29.8-10
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    596: An Interview with Keli Woods - Falling Upwards


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  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

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    595: Q & A – Volume 84


    Is it possible that we can be reincarnated in the past ? / How do we, practically, take pleasure in the Self? / Is there anything that you think I should consider before approaching a guru for initiation? / Why is it important not to take offense?
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    594: Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables


    spiritual optimism & material pessimism / I don’t mean to minimize your suffering - but you should / materialism causes fatigue, spiritual energy is refreshing / knowledge is the greatest gift / tamasic influence on bhakti practice - proud, violent & angry yogis / don’t give up critical thought - just give up criticism SB 3.29.3-8
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    593: The Religious Beliefs of Stephen Hawking


    what is a pure devotee? / why saying “bhakti is the ultimate” is not sectarian - because there is nothing greater than love / the liberation found through jnana-yoga is just the neutral stage / do the laws of nature disprove or prove that God exists? / who says that human life is accidental? / the universe was spontaneously created out of nothing, according to the laws of science? / the Church of Satan & is there really good & bad? SB 3.29.1-2 https://www.bhavawellness.com Coupon WOTS108
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    592: Will We Know Our Loved Ones After We Die?


    Bruce Springsteen on what happens when we die / our individuality is not dependent on the body / we are sparks of the eternal fire / we exist in a realm pervaded by selfishness / we’re diseased with the desire to be God / will we know our loved ones after we die? / sambhanda, abhideya & prayojana / our dharma is to serve the whole SB 3.28.39-44
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    591: Q & A - Volume 83


    How an I explain karma to someone who has a deep emotional resistance to it? / How can karma, free will & Krishna being the controller all exist simultaneously? / How can I maintain sobriety & a strong spiritual practice when traveling on the road? / I know as devotees we are supposed to have our minds fixed on Krishna at all times, but how can we make sure to do that if we leave our body suddenly in a tragic, un-peaceful way?
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    590: Black Friday -- Planting Seeds of Desire


    place of surrender - the Sanskrit origin of serendipity / give all of your fruits to Krishna / how pleasure & pain are a symptom of ignorance / material happiness is like the happiness of a madman / material happiness is temporary & pales in comparison to spiritual happiness / it can be either very enlightening or very depressing to think deep / how karma plays out for the liberated yogi / examining the experience of having a finger cut off in virtual reality / wanna be used by Krishna SB 3.28.36-38
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    589: What Good is a Still Mind & a Dirty Heart?


    the virtue of gratitude is essential to Bhakti / ingratitude is the greatest crime / set aside time to count your blessings / contentment lives only in the hearts of those who are grateful / when we bring the meditation to Vishnu we find the relief we been searching for / what good is a still mind & a dirty heart? / the vision of the Vishnu’s face charms even Cupid & benefits the sages / when the mind is illuminated with spiritual energy SB 3.28.26-36
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    588: Spiritual Strategies


    where are we going with the stillness of the mind? / double team mind & troubled heart by hearing & visualizing / keeping our conceptualization personal / we need spiritual strategies to deepen our practice / maximize the early morning hours / give an entire day to seva / meditation on Krishna dispels the gloom of the heart / meditation on Krishna is a thunderbolt that shatters the mountain of inauspiciousness in the mind SB 3.28.19-25

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