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558: In What Sense are We Not "The Doer”?

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sambhanda jnana - God, the self & nature, & how they are related / God transcends material nature / because His awareness pervades all of nature, it is His / we live peacefully when we accept our quota and no more / don’t fight over virtual mangos / although we do nothing, we are responsible for our own happiness & distress / the shift in consciousness from the material to Krishna / recognizing that everything is created by our well wishing friend

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  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    589: What Good is a Still Mind & a Dirty Heart?


    the virtue of gratitude is essential to Bhakti / ingratitude is the greatest crime / set aside time to count your blessings / contentment lives only in the hearts of those who are grateful / when we bring the meditation to Vishnu we find the relief we been searching for / what good is a still mind & a dirty heart? / the vision of the Vishnu’s face charms even Cupid & benefits the sages / when the mind is illuminated with spiritual energy SB 3.28.26-36
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    588: Spiritual Strategies


    where are we going with the stillness of the mind? / double team mind & troubled heart by hearing & visualizing / keeping our conceptualization personal / we need spiritual strategies to deepen our practice / maximize the early morning hours / give an entire day to seva / meditation on Krishna dispels the gloom of the heart / meditation on Krishna is a thunderbolt that shatters the mountain of inauspiciousness in the mind SB 3.28.19-25
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  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    587: Replacing the Reruns in the Mind


    what do we need to accept (or let go of) / where’s the tip of the nose? / the description of God begins with His smile / fear of a personal God / if Krishna was on the Dating Game / the Kaustubha jewel / Krishna coming home with the cows ins the original parade / seeing God within one's own heart SB 3.28.12-18
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    586: An Interview with Madhuri Pura Das — Simplifying Bhakti


    get, then give the gift of bhakti / if we are conscious, there must be a source / invest in the eternal - Bhakti for the Big Day / start with a desire, find a crew, gotta get a guru / hang out with God in sound form / Bhakti won’t work in a hard heart—put down the grudges Find Madhu at [email protected] or on IG @madhu.life
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    585: Q & A – Volume 82


    Should I try to find love in the material world or should I just keep turning towards Krishna, eventually my heart and mind will fully settle into bhakti? / Tilak - who wears it, why & when? / How does someone in a long term relationship or a non-Vedic marriage balance the physical and emotional needs of their partner with their own desire to serve Krishna in an appropriate state, and will I ever be able to take initiation if my partner or spouse is not a devotee?
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    584: Forgiveness is a Quiet Mind


    carving out a little sadhana routine / yoga is reclaiming our freedom from the mind / material sound is exhausting / push through the flavorless period to develop taste for sadhana / withdrawing the senses / make the mind a friend / transcending the modes of nature through meditation on Krishna / put up a roadblock on the path of revenge / the universe is held together by forgiveness / forgiveness is a quiet mind / forgiveness is the highest virtue 3.28.11
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    583: Climbing the Ladder to Samadhi


    we all need a road map / focusing on the present moment though concentration on the breath / still your body to focus and energize the mind / Kaustubha’s meditation classes / breaking away from the turbo scenarios in the mind / carve out a little time & commit to a sadhana / climbing the ladder to samadhi / inhale, hold, exhale / we’re Cycle of Sin from Dayton , Ohio! SB 3.28.5-11
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    582: For Convenience We Throw Out Everything Good


    in the name of convenience we throw out everything good / “As long as you think the problem is out there, that very thought is the problem” / “Seek first to understand, then to be understood” / Your thought is the first domino / Prabhupada isn’t raising the bar, he’s showing us where the bar is / yoga tradition is based on parampara, not charisma / what if our business leaders, from an early age, were taught the ethic that “The more you help others is your glory? / Spiritual communism SB 3.28.4
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    581: Aligning the Mind & Heart


    aligning the mind & heart - wisdom from White Buffalo Calf Woman / the Power Of The Universe (Paramatma) will come to your assistance / the hurt of one is the hurt of all & the honor of one is the honor of all / we’re shooting arrows into our circle of concern with no effect / work on your circle of influence and it will expand to your circle of concern / sva-dharma-ācaraṇam — executing one’s prescribed duties / santoṣaḥ — contentment / ātmavic-caraṇārcanam - worship the lotus feet of a knower of the soul / namaste = not me, you / grāmya-dharma-nivṛttiś - letting go of conventional religion / mita-medhyādanaṁ - eating frugally / vivikta-kṣema-sevanam - dwelling in a secluded place SB 3.28.1-3
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    580: Interview with Artist Dhrti Dasi – Bhakti in Perspective


    coming to art in childhood / discovery Bhakti at New York’s School of Art & Design / the BBT Art Department in LA / the privilege of painting for Srila Prabhupada / Prabhupada’s vision for Realism in Bhakti art / perspective as an aid to entering into the pastimes / absorbing the mind through creating art / become a transparent via medium / mastering the rules before breaking them / we can all be artists You can find Dhrti Dasi’s artworks at: FaceBook & Instagram: @sosacredart & online at: www.sosacredart.com

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