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548: The Path is Hidden in the Heart of Great Souls

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the most instructive question in approaching a texts is not “what does it say?” but, “what am I looking for?” / what is the path? it’s hidden in the heart an unadulterated, self-realized person / aligning one’s heart with the heart of a pure devotee / what do I need to let go of to open myself to truth? / welcome the breakdowns that lead to the breakthroughs / hearing Krishna’s pastimes makes yoga easy / Kunti’s prayer and Arjuna’s material exhaustion

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  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    565: Is Your Mind Corrupting Your Intellect?


    universal creation & destruction comes in cycles / God the Father & Mother Nature / the manas (mind) is the sitting place of desire - it corrupts the senses & the intellect / strengthening the intellect though hearing wisdom daily
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    564: The Supersoul Within & the Time Factor Without


    Bhisma’s 9 deathbed instructions / the external bath & the internal bath / in the material realm, nothing is more powerful than time / we can chose whether to listen to the Supersoul, but we have to listen to time / our default setting is enjoyment / hang out with people that light you up / we need purification to tune into the Supersoul / sadhana + regulation of the senses is the formula for yoga / GET THE HELL OF THE ALTAR! SB 3.26.17-18
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

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  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    563: Multiplex Maya - We’re Jumping From One Theater to the Next


    the wise don’t delight in material pleasures / the enjoyment ceiling gets lower with age / the materialist seeks external pleasure, the yogi seeks pleasure within / death comes to the devotee like a cat to a kitten / time ends our film of life & moves us to the next theater / false ego is the darkness in the theater / how we respond to the film determines our next movie (life) / zoom out to see the multiplex Maya & broader reality SB 3.26.15-16
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    562: Q & A - Volume 79


    how can one work and still not be attached to the fruits of labor? / how does falling in love with Krishna before falling in love help us? / Brahman, the universal form, Vishnu & Krishna - who should we meditate on? / can you recommend any books that are written in a simplified form to help me understand bhakti-yoga? / how to understand Arjuna’s unique marriages in the Mahabharata?
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    561: Spiritual Balance is Both Active & Reflective


    material hype vs spiritual hope / as a city has department heads our senses have devas in charge / there’s no room for arrogance when you accept the Vedic paradigm / there’s purusha and then there is Purushotama / we can be both active & reflective / how to remember the 24 material elements / the elements are the batter & time is the mixing element / time is alien to our true nature SB 3.26.9-15
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    560: Karma & Are We Responsible for Our Own Suffering?


    who is responsible for my suffering? / does karma necessitate callousness to the suffering of others? / great personalities accept voluntary suffering to relieve the sufferings of others / the kidnapped kings accepted radical responsibility / there are no passes on forgiveness, even in a dungeon / getting past superficial spirituality requires radical responsibility / Brahma’s verse about radical responsibility / #ideservemuchworse / respond to the karma of others with compassion - respond to our own karma with radical responsibility
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    559: God is Calling Us to Dance


    every tree has a back story / God is calling us to dance / Divine love is the most powerful influence in the universe / the power month is magical & may lead to Krishn-addiction / meditate on Krishna’s baby cheeks / what more can I describe than this? www.sanskritsense.com
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    558: In What Sense are We Not "The Doer”?


    sambhanda jnana - God, the self & nature, & how they are related / God transcends material nature / because His awareness pervades all of nature, it is His / we live peacefully when we accept our quota and no more / don’t fight over virtual mangos / although we do nothing, we are responsible for our own happiness & distress / the shift in consciousness from the material to Krishna / recognizing that everything is created by our well wishing friend
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    557: The Matrix is Real! (& We Need a Morpheus to get out!)


    prayers for the devotees of Bangladesh / spiritual knowledge counters religious hatred / The Matrix is real & we need a Morpheus to get out! / Raghu observes his emotions through Covid recovery / the need for patience / transcend the matrix & become an instrument of compassion / our desires bind us in the Matrix / “guru” red flags SB 3.26.1-2
  • Wisdom of the Sages podcast

    556: The Dharma Code - Interview with Author Simon Haas


    Life as a young man in the ashrams of Vrindavan, India / the 3 laws Laws of Perception / the ancient teachings for kings and queens / the 4 principles of the Dharma Code - Truth, Purity, Non-violence, and Discipline / how do we actually practically apply the Dharma Code in our everyday life? / dharma protects one who protects dharma

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