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Mid-Year Goals Reset: How To Get Intentional With Your Goals

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Did you set goals for yourself (or your biz/career) at the beginning of the year? Now that we’re halfway through, it’s prime time to check in (+ maybe even reset).

In today’s episode, we’ll talk about the 3-step process to get intentional with your goals – and use this time of year to reassess, revamp, and reactivate our motivation for the biggest goals we have for ourselves.

Discover how to leverage the power of “intention” to get back on track with your goals… and apply 1 simple brain chemistry hack to skyrocket your motivation (+ results).

🎯 Get your free pass to Goals + Intention Setting Workshop [Wednesday, June 15th]: www.setahugegoal.com (or DM me the word GOALS22).

So you can use the last half of the year to make serious (and soul-fulfilling) progress on any and all goals you have for yourself.

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