Why We Made this Podcast Series

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Hi Everyone,
This episode is a repeat of the first one in the series. I wanted to remind listeners why we created this podcast.

I lost my daughter in 2005 when she was murdered by her ex-boyfriend after she was breaking up with him. Something like that stays with you for a lifetime. It was 17 years ago and feels like yesterday.

Since 2005, I wrote a book about what happened with Kristin and gave it the same name as this podcast: WHEN DATING HURTS. That is also the name of all of the speeches I have given over the years. The WHEN DATING HURTS book came out as a paperback. Then an e-book. And lastly, an audiobook. The idea has always been that we learned many important insights about how to detect unhealthy relationships, and what to do to break free safely. We felt it our responsibility to share what we had learned.

So, therefore, the podcast series. The wonderful thing about podcasts is I can record one, edit it and share it all in the same day. I could not do that with a book.

I hope you listen to some of the episodes in this podcast series. There are 40 in all. I would love for you to share these with those you know who have children in high school or college. Consider this fact: one and three women will suffer serious physical harm from an intimate partner during their lifetimes. It typically happens between the ages of 16 and 24, but can happen to any woman at any age. It is shocking.

Thank you for listening to this. I hope you subscribe to this WHEN DATING HURTS series.

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