Victorea Luminary - Courageous Survivor of Two Narcissistic Relationships

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From a very early age, Victorea Luminary and her father were abused by her alcoholic mother. Finally free from decades of abuse, she innocently ran into even more trouble with two different relationships with narcissists. One was her husband; the other a man she thought was going to become her savior.

In vivid detail, Victorea tells of the ways she was lured into these insidious relationships. She explains how narcissists manipulate their prey. With sheer determination, she was able to break free from each man to become the powerful woman and survivor she is today. Learn from Victorea as she takes us some of the scariest experiences imaginable.

To find out more about the good works of Victorea Luminary, head to https://takebackyourpowernow.com/

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