Rosy - Domestic Violence Survivor from UK

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"Rosy" is a listener from London, UK. She first came across our podcast when listening to an episode on the This Is Actually Happening podcast. It led to her listening to the WHEN DATING HURTS podcast and hearing interviews with abuse survivors.

Rosy has spent most of her late 20's and early 30's recovering from the dating abuse she experienced. The WHEN DATING HURTS podcast has helped her in understanding her experiences.

Rosy was in an abusive relationship (on and off) from the age of 19 until about 26. She found it hard to leave even after experiencing periods of happiness without him. Part of what kept her in the relationship was feeling unable to cut him off due to mutual friends, abandonment issues that stemmed from her childhood, and generally being subject to emotionally abusive tactics.

This is Rosy's interview on WHEN DATING HURTS.

Bill Mitchell

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