Jen Lee — Astounding Story from a Dating Abuse Survivor

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I met Jen Lee two years ago when she and I launched our separate podcasts at around the same time. Both are heavily aimed at identifying and supporting survivors. Jen and I share podcast tips and have remained professional friends ever since.

Residing in Virginia, her first marriage ended amicably (really). She wanted a relationship that matched her energy and zest for life. While having an after-work bite with coworkers, she met a guy and instantly fell for him. A fast-moving, long-distance relationship ensued with Rob, a businessman from New York.

A trusting person, Jen became caught up in a relationship that can only be described as “crazy”. Today, with the wisdom of years, Jen can look back and describe all of the warning signs that could have saved her from three years of heartache and misery had she only known better.

You need to hear this one as it plays out.

Jen’s survivor podcast is entitled, “I Need Blue”. Her brand-new book is called, “Why I Survived”. Click here for her website.

Bill Mitchell

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