Janine Latus - Sister of Domestic Violence Victim (also a Survivor, Herself)

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I read Janine Latus's 336-page book, "If I Am Missing or Dead", years ago. I finished it in two days. It was that compelling a read. I reached out to her many times since then, and she has always answered me. She is so special.

Janine has been called "...the most compelling speaker on sexual assault and relationship abuse I've ever heard." I believe that is spot on.

Why is that? She knows it because she has lived it.

Janine has come face to face with domestic abuse starting as a young girl. As much as she tried for this not to happen to her again later in life, she ended up in an abusive relationship that nearly cost her her life.

The most-cherished person in Janine's life, her sister Amy, also fell prey to domestic violence. Amy trusted a man who took complete advantage of her. They way Janine tells this will take your breath away.

Janine Latus has given countless speeches before diverse audiences. She is nationally-known as a powerful force for bringing lifesaving information to those who need it most.

Set aside an hour and listen to this episode with Janine Latus. I promise you it will be time invested wisely.

Bill Mitchell

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