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Win a Bored Ape (Yes Really) With Metaverse Gameshow - 'Internet Game' - Conversation w. CEO Jordan Lejuwaan

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Think 'Squid Game' meets a web3 online game show where you could win a Bored Ape! This week on the Welcome to the Metaverse podcast, Jordan Lejuwaan - CEO of Internet Game is back on to tell us all about season 2 hosted by Gmoney and Leah Lamarr.

After the success of Internet Game season 1, where a $1.5 million dollar prize pool, including 2 bored ape's (+Azuki's, Doodles and more) were won by players who made it to the end, Internet Game returns with season 2.

I'm interested in this concept for a number of reasons - I think it's a very clever way to use NFTs and a signal for how this tech might be included in future content formats.

Disclosure : I do hold some Internet Game tokens and played Season 1, otherwise I have no affiliation with them. I’m just a fan of what they are building for the future of content in web3. Of course always do you own research, nothing in this podcast is investment advice but is for informational purposes only. This podcast is sponsored by Everyrealm.

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