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The Best Talent in the World Are Working On The Metaverse with Future House Studios - CEO Adam Sidwell

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On this week’s episode of the Welcome to the Metaverse podcast, we’re focussing on how some of the best talent in the world from the film & video game industries are now working on building the metaverse.

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One team with the skills and talent to help do this is Future House Studios. Our guest this week is CEO Adam Sidwell, who has 2 decades of experience at some of the most well known VFX studios in the industry (the likes of Weta & ILM) and has worked on many major Hollywood films, from iRobot, to Lord of the Rings, Tron: Legacy and many more.

The team he has built there are also some of the highest calibre talent in the world and have a huge depth of experience, working across some of the most well-known entertainment and game franchises to date.

We also talk about a Ready Player One style hunt across the metaverse that they are building, which sounds unreal and is definitely worth keeping an eye out for.

Thank you very much to Adam for coming on the show, I’m looking forward to keeping a close eye out on what comes of Future House Studios.

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They’re also the creators of the Fantasy Islands metaverse NFT project, the ultra-luxury metaverse destination and community in The Sandbox and beyond.

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