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How Does Motion Capture Work and Why is it Crucial for the Future of the Metaverse? with Remco Sikkema of Movella & Xsens

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This week we are getting stuck into the fascinating world of motion capture in major movies, entertainment, sport and a variety of other use cases but crucially for the future of the metaverse.

Our guest on the Welcome to the Metaverse podcast is Remco Sikkema, Senior Marketing Communication Manager at Movella, a world leader in this industry who also make XSens motion capture suits, which we cover too.

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Remco does an awesome job of explaining the industry, how motion capture is used today, the opportunities available and how it will be essential for communication in the metaverse over the next few years. Thanks Remco for coming on! I’ve left his links in the show notes along with my own so do give him a follow, as he puts out awesome content too.

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