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Epic Games' Vision for the Future of the Metaverse with Rachel Stones - Business Development Manager at Epic Games Innovation Lab

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On this week’s episode of the Welcome to the Metaverse podcast, I talk to one of the biggest companies building the future of the metaverse - Epic Games. Rachel Stones is a Business Development Manager at Epic Games.

This conversation was one of my absolute favourites so far. Epic Games, as I’m sure you are aware, have been building in this space probably longer than anyone and I would argue have been paramount in bringing the whole concept of the metaverse to life.

To be able to sit down with Rachel and really understand Epic’s vision for the future was really fun and absolutely invaluable.

We of course cover Fortnite and some developments there, plus delve into the whole pipeline of products and tools in the Epic Games ecosystem that are being used to build this immersive and hyper-realistic future that is coming. It’s going to get very interesting very quickly in my opinion, I left this interview both genuinely mindblown and really excited for what is to come.

Thank you to Rachel for coming on the show, she was awesome and I’d highly recommend you listen to this one in full, there’s a lot of cool stuff in this episode!

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