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#B9 - Jeremy Bower Presents His Top 10 SFF RAW Episodes

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 In This Bonus Episode

  • Jeremy Bower presents his Top 10 RAW video episodes and Top 5 moments
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  • Guest: Jeremy Bower
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Our Guest

Jeremy Bower, Meteorologist/Storm Chaser/Photographer

 Jeremy's Top 10 RAW Video Episodes on YouTube:

  1. Janice Dean (Episode 54) and Janice Dean (Episode 84)
  2. Ginger Zee (Episode 148)
  3. James Spann (Episode 57)
  4. Parker Koppes (Episode 95)
  5. Gina Eosco (Episode 105)
  6. Erik Fox (Episode 157)
  7. John Gordon (Episode 39)
  8. Jeff Piotrowski (Episode 125)
  9. Daniel Shaw (Episode 61)
  10. Laura Myers (Episode 21)

Jeremy’s Top 5 Moments of RAW Video Episodes on YouTube:

  1. Episode 33 - No bones about it, Kim has issues with screen sharing.
  2. Episode 65 - In an attempt to convert the world to veganism and to turn Mazz's face 8 shades of red, Phil introduces the Freaks to the game "Burger Position".
  3. Episode 116 - Brady does a Frankenstein impression during Phil's opening, hilarity ensues.
  4. Episode 90 - Phil can't read Japanese. Mazz thinks he can. More work for MJ.
  5. Episode 130 - Phil introduces the Freaks to the game "Film Titles?"

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  • Opening Music: Brett Epstein
  • Closing Music: Gabe Cox

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