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This mentality shift can make you better at UX Ideation.

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Ever felt stuck during ideation stage? Ever felt your brain isn't supplying the creative ideas you're after?

What is the relationship between curiosity and ideation in UX Design?

In this episode of UX Coffee break, I talk about an approach to ideation as a UX Designer that's rooted not in forced brainstorming, but in everyday curiosity and seemingly unrelated experiences. Learn how broadening your exposure to random information and embracing curiosity can supercharge your ability to ideate, and why our brains are fine-tuned for this unique approach. Delve into the concepts of Right-Brain Education and why the world's top designers are already putting it into practice. Discover how you can significantly improve your ideating skills simply by allowing your brain to freely consume, process, and store information. This talk challenges the traditional path to creativity, revealing a more organic and human approach that stems from simple curiosity.

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