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Reiner Lomb, Author of ASPIRE

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Conventional wisdom says that emotions have no place in business or leadership. Reiner Lomb will tell you that is a fallacy.

You must master seven critical emotions to be an effective and empowering leader who creates positive change.

Whether you are in a formal leadership role or are a rising leader, entrepreneur, or changemaker driven by a desire to use your voice to create change, in Reiner Lomb’s groundbreaking new book Aspire: Seven Essential Emotions for Leading Positive Change, No Matter Where You Are, you will discover how to positively influence key stakeholders, build trust, lead with optimism, ride the waves of negative emotions, mobilize people to take action, and choose resiliency in the face of setbacks.

Says Lomb: “The essence of leadership is creating a vision of an aspirational new future and then influencing people to change their behavior to make that vision a reality. Your inspiration to create aspirational change may come from your dissatisfaction with the status quo, joyful anticipation of an aspirational new future, or a new insight. To create such a vision and bring it into reality requires an emotional shift from hopelessness to optimism and inspiration, which then can mobilize any group - from dozens to millions.”

Reiner saw this firsthand having grown up just a few miles from the border between East and West Germany, watching a small group of committed leaders peacefully bring down the Berlin Wall by mobilizing millions of people. This is one of many incidences or case studies he shares in Aspire to show the power of emotional IQ.

The seven critical emotions are:

Empathy – The Gate To Caring

Compassion - The Commitment To Serving

Interest – The Drive To Understanding

Optimism – The Lens For Visioning

Inspiration – The Energy For Mobilizing

Trust – The Fuel For Collaborating

Positivity – Being Resilient

Understanding and cultivating these emotions within yourself and others are essential to change your own behavior and influence behavioral change in others. In the book, Reiner shows readers the importance of each of the 7 emotions, best practices to develop these emotions in yourself and others, and then provides practical recommendations for how to do this work as a leader with the people you serve.

About Reiner Lomb

Reiner is the founder of BoomerangCoach, an executive coaching firm specializing in leadership and career development, innovation, and transformational change. Reiner’s mission is to mobilize and develop leaders to create a more sustainable and positive future for all. As an executive coach, he works with leaders and changemakers in a wide range of organizations, from start-ups and multinational companies to non-profits and local communities - all of whom aspire to create transformational change. Whether he’s working with corporate executives, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, or indigenous tribal leaders, Reiner’s clients appreciate his international business and cross-cultural leadership experience.

Before becoming an executive coach, Reiner had a 30-plus-year career in technology, started and developed software businesses, and led leadership development. At Hewlett-Packard, his home for 20-plus years, he launched new software product businesses and helped grow HP Software into a multi-billion...

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