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Nisha Lehmann, Confidential Conversations mental health app

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Meet Nisha Lehmann who introduces us to Confidential Conversation, a mental health app.


Confidential Conversations is an app that offers peer-led online support groups for a wide array of mental health issues that is:

  • Anonymous
  • Affordable
  • Available

Help without Judgment: Be Anonymous

Admitting you have a problem or assessing where you are in your mental health journey can be a harrowing experience. It is not made any easier with the judgment and stigma attached to the admission of having a problem.

Confidential Conversations assigns you a random username and offers users the opportunity to remain anonymous as you discuss complex issues.

An Affordable Option for Mental Health.

Professional Counseling and online therapists have become the default avenue for help when it comes to mental health. But unfortunately, these simply are not viable options for those who cannot afford them.

With Confidential Conversations, you pay to download the app. And that’s it — nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Available when you need it. 24 hours/7 days/365.

Mental health doesn’t follow the schedule of your online professional or therapist. This app is available whenever you need it. Help at your fingertips, on-demand, for you.

The Bottom Line.

Mental health is a right, not a choice. And although we are not there yet, hopefully, this app can provide the necessary first step for people to begin their journey toward better mental health in a cost-effective and secure way.




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