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Katia Ravé, Ravé Strategy Studio

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A quote from our guest today, Katia Ravé:

“BE in Giving and Generosity. Survey what people need. When in doubt, focus out. It's not about you, it's about them. You're not in business for you, you’re in business for them. You're a servant.”

Today we're speaking with leadership trainer and an ultimate female force, Katia Ravé. Katia is an author, podcast host, entrepreneur coach, wife, mother of three, savvy businesswoman, and entrepreneur. This overall business leadership powerhouse has empowered thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals across the globe serving as their daily leadership coach, compass, and biggest cheerleader.

Katia is the founder of Ravé Strategy Studio and her most recent and highly reputed course is titled EAM ( Entrepreneur Academy Mastermind). This is a one-stop shop entrepreneur course. Guiding entrepreneurs with writing their speeches, creating their branding, setting and achieving goals, writing books, understanding their avatar, and living the life they always dreamed of. 

And this brings us to today’s episode. Katia and I discuss “vision”. What does that term mean in her creative process whether that’s in business, coaching, or any new project? She also gave some insightful tips when working with her husband and how they split up the work in their business and collaborate in a way that makes a very successful team and supportive relationship.

What is your creative process? Where do you get started?

“My process is really…

Step 1: What is my vision? Why do I want to put that into the world?

Step 2: Who is going to benefit?

What sort of topics and what sort of people do you find are drawn to some of the things that you're doing?

  • business owners
  • entrepreneurs
  • men
  • people in corporate

She explains that what people need most when it comes to executing or selling their ideas is enrollment and an exchange of value versus selling. They want to sell or they want to put something out there. And they're not really thinking of others. They're just thinking about themselves. She encourages people to think about at the end of their day. Who do I serve?

Working with her husband

What's your vision? What's my vision? Is this super important to you?

And can we align? Not can we agree, can we align?

  • What's your vision?
  • What's your vision for your program?
  • What's your vision for your creativity?
  • What's your vision for the enrollment? What's your vision for working with your spouse?

Katia is the face of the company. She shows up for things like podcasts, speaking on stages, and selling from the stage. She coaches people.

Her husband laser coaches. He coaches really high-end CEOs and CFOs and he speaks in places like Las Vegas about cybersecurity of technology.

“We get to align as long as the vision at the end of the day, you're going in the same direction. We are creatives, so sometimes inspiration comes at different times and we cannot put it to a clock.”

Potholes and stumbling blocks and obstacles that you find

  • Vision and communication style
  • How to flex into the other person's style? If you do not understand the other person's style, how can you meet them where they're at?

Lastly, Katia talks about what it is to really be a leader. She says being a...

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