Unsticking It! with Blaire & Molly podcast

Unsticking It! with Blaire & Molly

Blaire Brooks & Molly Lloyd

Break free from your creative rut and reignite your artistic flow with 'Unsticking It!' With each episode, we delve into the world of overcoming creative blocks, offering practical strategies, skilled insights, and inspiring stories to help you reclaim your creative soul-spark and find your way back to YOU! Blaire and Molly are two busy moms/ actors (Mactors? Momtors? Exhausted?) who somewhere between potty training and the pandemic seemed to have lost their creative kaboom. They’re now enlisting the help of fellow imaginative minds to unstick themselves (and you) from the muck they’re stuck in! Unsticking It! With Blaire & Molly. Because sometimes... life stucks!

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