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Why Noise Is So Triggering

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EP:35 Whether we're sensory seekers or sensory avoiders, we always have those days when we're triggered by noise in all forms-- be it from crying babies, whining and bickering toddlers, fighting siblings, or even just from playing kids while in the bathtub. Does that make us broken? Does that make us bad parents?

Definitely not! There are noises that we just can't tolerate!!! That's just how our brain is wired and programmed.

And until we have awareness on what's going on inside, we will never have clarity and understanding of why certain things easily trigger us.

Being mindful of how our brains tick will absolutely help us in finding the right tools for us to regulate every time we are over functioning and overstimulated.

So even when the noise is just overwhelming, we can recognize what our brains and bodies need and remind that we are in a safe space. You can give your body what it’s craving without any guilt, shame, and fear because our nervous system knows that it is safe and OK!

All these and more on this week's episode in Thrive Like a Parent podcast.

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