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Unspoken Truths About The Male Brain

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EP:26 There are no conversations about dads struggling or how to support them or what to do about it. We need to BREAK that silence. The silence that dads experience in terms of just letting them know it's okay to struggle and letting them know it's okay to feel burnt out and exhausted and depleted.

Not only do men have a hard time saying "hey, I think I'm struggling over here." Men have a hard time finding what language to use, how to feel what they're feeling, or how to process it.

That portion of the male brain is not flexed. It's literally like going to the gym, working out and feeling that burn? That's what we need to do in the male brain to increase the fluency for you, Dads, to be able to flex that muscle of your brain to share your feelings. It's is so important on a societal level, not just for parents, not just for dads, but for the male brain to understand the male brain.

We've been led to believe psychologically, that we are broken, we are the ones that need to be fixed. And we need to be able to fit in with societal norms, it is not the case. That's literally what Dr. B's entire platform and message is about.

Join Dr. B on this week's episode of THRIVE Like a Parent podcast to dive into the unspoken truths about the male brain.

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