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The Most Common Questions Finally Answered

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EP:34 On this weeks episode of Thrive Like a Parent Podcast I want to talk to you about literally the most asked question of all time… And that question is, can I be a seeker and an avoider?

The answer is YES. 10000% YES.

There’s a whole spectrum of feelings and emotions and lots of hormones that are being pushed through the body.

The ability to train your brain into understanding how to support it in that moment of how do I feel? Where do I feel in my body? What do I need? How do I how do I go get it is beyond life changing.

What we ultimately want is to find a balance between seeking and avoiding.

What we want is to ultimately find a balance within regulation and get out of survival mode.

we should be supporting our nervous system on a daily basis, on a regular basis.

It is ok to be both… The shift between seeking and avoiding depends on how regulated you are and what your brain and body can tolerate at the time. If you’re living in a state of survival… If you’re living in fight or flight.. You’re probably going to be a lot more sensitive to stimuli. Because your brain and body is on alert.

We’re living in our vessels and our bodies without completely understanding how they function. And that’s what’s leading to so much mental health disorders is the lack of awareness.

What if it’s not that you’re broken? What if it’s that you just need a little bit of support, and knowledge?

If you want that for yourself, if you want that for your children, if you’re wanting so desperately to understand your child better, if you’re wanting to be able to support them in a way that you know, you can trust because it’s with a neurological lens…. Apply for Thrive starting in September. I promise you it will be worth it. Because it changed my life.

Dr. B

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