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The Fear of Slowing Down and Why It's Key To Enjoying Your Life

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EP:40 In today's world it has become incredibly hard for humans to slow down.

People are now glorifying hustling and bustling and we seem to be in a constant race against time in juggling numerous responsibilities, roles and keeping up with the daily demands of life.

These days, the busier you are, the more relevant you become and more jobs mean more food on the table.

But what happens when we start contemplating the idea of hitting the brakes and taking things a little slower?

Well, that's when this fear creeps in.

Why? Because slowing down in our society could mean insufficiency, failure, or stagnation.

For most of us, slowing down means less income, missed promotions, and less money for our family's needs.

Deciding to slow down means something important has to be given up.
And we don't want that because our brains thrive on structure, stability, and control.
Because of this fear,  we keep going, we normalize multi-tasking, and we keep on pushing ourselves harder to our limits until we get exhausted, irritable, burnt out, and dysregulated!

But what if I told you that there's another side of that fear that could unlock the door to a happy, confident, satisfied, and joyful living? -- where it's ok to chew slower and walk slower;  where it's safe to ride the waves, smell the flowers, and feel settled; where it's guiltless to comfortably lie down on the couch, enjoy, and REST!

So in this week's Thrive Like A Parent podcast episode, let's talk about one of society's most intriguing topics --

The Fear of Slowing Down and Why it's the Key to Enjoying Your Life.

Join me as we start to learn about creating new patterns to slow down your brains and live the life that you truly want for you and your family at a pace that's

good for you and that works for you!

Yes! You can do that!

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