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The Danger In Perfectionism And How To Release It In Parenthood

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EP:24 Join Dr. B on this week's episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast to dive deep into the danger in perfectionism and how to release it in parenthood. A lot of times perfectionism comes from the guilt and shame that we place on ourselves. And when you do that self-talk... You are creating a pattern within your brain.

You're bashing yourself. You're telling yourself, I need to do more. So then you push harder, and you push harder, and you push harder. And when you push harder, you shove everything else down, that you really need to get out or you shove everything down that is really affecting you to the point of losing your marbles with your kids.

Join Dr. B to learn how to stop shaming yourself and instead accept that simple phrase of it's okay. If you want to be able to begin the process of releasing that perfectionism... Tune in!

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