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Raising Strong Willed Children Without Losing Your Mind

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EP31: On this week’s episode of Throve4 Like a Parent podcast, we are going to talk about raising strong-willed children…
They are going to test you like none other to the point where you are literally wanting to pull your hair out.
You absolutely will be exhausted, you absolutely will lose your shit. You will snap, AND THAT IS OK!
However, there is a way to honor their feelings because their feelings absolutely do matter but still set boundaries… You are in the driver's seat.
Trust in your abilities. Trust that you are doing this for your children, and you are doing this to support your child and you're doing this because you love yourself and you are also in this dynamic as well living in this home. Everyone matters. Everyone matters in this situation. Every single one of you in that home. It's okay for you to accept that you matter. And so please take care of yourself. Please support your brain and body, not just your children's.
Tune in with me on this week's episode to talk about setting boundaries and supporting our children's emotions while remaining in the driver's seat.

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