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Rage And How It Shows Up With Ourselves And Our Kids

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EP:32 This week on Thrive Like a Parent Podcast, we're going to be talking about rage. Rage in parenthood, mom rage and even rage that shows up with our children.

I am joined by Maria Gonzalez, who is an incredible member of my team. She is a huge part in supporting allll the parents in our community. 

This is a hot topic in our community. Is it ok to rage? Is it okay for our children to rage? Should we allow it? 

We are going to dive deep into what that means neurologically and emotionally. 

Rage is a complete loss of control, a disconnect between your ability to regulate and needing to move through these big emotions. Rage stems from UNMET NEEDS. You are not broken. 

It is your brain fighting for what it needs. 

Tune in with us as we go through real-life examples from our own lives and how we ourselves have moved through recognizing those emotions and regulating them. 

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