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Is It Ever to Late to Repair with our Children

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EP:28 Do you often wonder have I absolutely failed my children? And the damage is done? Have I damaged them for good? And luckily, I get to tell you now, the damage is NOT just simply done. My goal with this week's episode of THRIVE Like a Parent podcast is to help you understand and go to sleep, trusting that you are doing enough that you're a great parent, you love your kids, and to stop shaming that brain. Everything leads back to sensory and emotional regulation. Neurologically supporting the brain affects your children in a very beautiful repair healthy way. If you learn to regulate your nervous system, what ends up happening is you learn to have a much healthier co regulation with your children. Because if you can support your brain in your body into repairing your own emotional state and repairing your own sensory state, then you can support your child as well... Join me on this week's episode of THRIVE Like a Parent podcast to dive deep into how to release the guilt and repair the relationship with your child. --- Support this podcast:

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