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Feeling Like You Are Roommates with Your Partner

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EP:39 For this week's episode, join me as I talk about one of the things that usually happens at homes that no one really talks about--
It's the feeling of being like roommates with your partner.

This situation is so inevitable in every relationship as time goes by. It easily happens;  it's somehow bound to happen; and it's absolutely normal.
However, it's like a  super taboo issue that nobody can comfortably bring up without the fear of being shamed or judged!

Why??  Because we all want to put our best faces in everything, especially with what's happening inside the four corners of our homes! We always want to project that we are so in control at home, especially in front of others. Right??

What usually causes the drift?? Overfamiliarity, too much comfortability, overwhelming tasks, and routines, piled up work, new responsibilities, raising kids, insecurities, lack of intimacy, fear, resentment, and so much more.

While this is a common phenomenon among partnerships, it takes a lot of effort to change this shift. This takes brain rewiring and so much decision making.
As we know, matters like this  never changes overnight. It needs the key elements of time, communication, and enough vulnerability to be able to see that spark and joy in the relationship again!

All these and more on the Thrive Like A Parent podcast.

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