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Emotional Eating and how To Break the Cycle Through Regulation

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EP:41 What most don't quite understand is that emotional eating is not psychological. It's neurological.

And on this week's episode of Thrive Like a Parent Podcast, I am going to give you the tools you need to break that cycle through regulation!

You absolutely can have an intuitive and healthy relationship with food. Without any shame.




Create awareness behind how you're feeling and why you might feel dysregulated or heightened or overstimulated. Why is your brain seeking regulation?

I urge you to BE CURIOUS, listen to your body and what it wants.. Go slow. Tune in with your body and your brain. Building new patterns takes time. Be kind and loving to yourself through the process.

Join me to dive deep into the steps to break the cycle of emotional eating, trust yourself and create a healthy and intuitive relationship with food on this week's episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast.

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