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Stay in the know with important news from the Bitcoin world. An easy-to-digest news summary published every Friday. Delivered in 15 minutes or less! Straight from our global news offices. Curated by writer Kai Sedgwick. Hosted by Matt Aaron. Part of the podcast network.

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  • This Week in Bitcoin podcast

    Repost - Erik Voorhees 2019 Review and 2020 Preview (Humans of Bitcoin)


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  • This Week in Bitcoin podcast

    Crypto Exchange Opens This Week, Craig Wright loses against Kleiman estate, and a lot more.


    Follow our hosts: ►Visit : ► BITCOIN CASH CITY |Buy Tickets Now Link: ►PRE- REGISTER to Crypto Exchange Link: ----------------------- SHOW NOTES ----------------------- ►BITCOIN CASH | Supporting Hong Kong protesters The company Genesis Block has been handing out water bottles to protesters with a BCH logo and the words “free water” on the bottle. LINK: ►CASHSCRIPT | used to write and rewrite powerful smart contract functionality Gabriel Cardona has re-written both the Mecenas (Met-Say-Nahss) recurring payment smart contract and the Zero-Confirmation Forfeit contract in the CashScript language LINK:   ►RealmX | BCH mobile Game to launch at the End of the Month The reasons are simple. Because the Bitcoin Cash chain is fast, reliable, and low-cost. That’s perfect for an online game. More importantly, BCH has a huge community which is helpful to enlarge our userbase.” LINK:     ►Craig Wright | Loses Case versus Kleiman estate Craig Wright now appears to owe the Kleiman estate 50% of any Bitcoin he mined before Dave Kleiman’s death in 2013. Whether that is any number of coins remains to be seen.   ►Zeux App | Adds Bitcoin Cash Integration With the app, users can now pay using BCH at any UK location that accepts Apple Pay or Samsung Pay LINK:   ► | Crypto Exchange Opens This Week! Our exchange will offer BCH pairings & more than 50 trading pairs and w. SOURCE: ►BITCOIN CASH CITY |Conference Lands in Australia Next Week - September 4 - 5, 2019 Townsville, Australia Members from the team, including - Gabriel Cardona, Vin Armani, Akane Yokoo will join other prominent BCH members in Queensland Australia Sept 4-5th. ► Who are we? -- is your premier source for everything Bitcoin related. We help you buy, use, and store your Bitcoin securely. You can read the latest news. We also provide helpful tools and real-time market price and chart information, as well as Bitcoin mining and Bitcoin events information. -- ► Follow Here: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Website: Telegram Channel: Podcast: Bitcoin Store:
  • This Week in Bitcoin podcast

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  • This Week in Bitcoin podcast

    BCH Privacy, Mineable Coins Triumph, Twitter Shadow Bans @Bitcoin


    Mineable digital assets are the most valuable cryptocurrencies on the market today Cash Shuffle brings greater privacy into the BCH ecosystem Twitter accused of Shadow Banning @bitcoin Crypto debit card companies find themselves in a precarious profession How is Bitfarms, a mining company, handling the current market?
  • This Week in Bitcoin podcast

    Original Bitcoin Software, LN Missing Pizzas, XRP and Market Manipulation


    Interesting findings in Satoshi's pre-release bitcoin code Joey and Matt discuss the importance of having a skill stack The LN pizza that never came Exchanges falsifying their reported trade volumes The mysterious past of QuadrigaCX co-founder Michael Patryn Avent starts accepting bitcoin cash payments via Bitpay XRP accused of manipulating market sentiment across social media
  • This Week in Bitcoin podcast

    Bitcoin News w/ John McAfee - SEC Ethereum ruling, Samsung cold storage, and more


    Joining us in exile from the Bahamas, John McAfee is never shy to voice his opinion. We discuss what the cryptocurrency world needs most, JPMorgan and state-backed coins, plus the platform for his 2020 presidential campaign. ETH not considered a security, according to SEC chairman Jay Clayton Are cold storage wallets on phones safe? Vulnerabilities on Trezor hardware wallets People still nervous about making cryptocurrency payments John's go-to drinks when out at sea (or on land).
  • This Week in Bitcoin podcast

    Venezuela: Bitcoin's Last Stand (Special)


    A special episode recorded live on stage at the Anarchapulco conference last month. There is a lot of talk about how cryptocurrencies will help the oppressed to have more economic freedom. Enough talk. Bitcoin's been around for a decade. It's time to take action. Matt Aaron, leader of's efforts in Venezuela, shares his thoughts on why Venezuela needs cryptocurrencies and why cryptocurrencies need to work in Venezuela. If you'd like to learn more and get involved, visit  
  • This Week in Bitcoin podcast

    Coinbase Backlash, QuadrigaCX, Tron, Tokyo


    Early Bitcoin adopters build a Seasteading home off the coast of Thailand #DeleteCoinbase sentiment is high after Neutrino scandal Blockfi launches BTC and ETH interest bearing savings accounts A new twist adds some clarity to the Quadrigacx mystery Tron is partnering with Tether for a TRC20 token Tokyo nightclubs to start accepting BCH in April
  • This Week in Bitcoin podcast

    Special: Wyoming, the Crypto state - with Caitlin Long


    With 8 bills recently passied in the state Congress, Wyoming is positioning itself as THE cryptocurrency and blockchain state of the United States. From charter banks, to utility tokens, to special mining utility agreements, there is genuine excitement in the bitcoin world.
  • This Week in Bitcoin podcast

    Bitcoin Easter Eggs, LN Confusion Tactics - w/Joey King


    Joey King, developer at is back on the show. Why is the lightning network so complex? What is the real reason for it? BCH and BTC whales accumulate more bitcoins during the price dump China's updates their crypto ranking (again) Bitcoin easter eggs everywhere The lighting network and planned absurdity US Government helps Bitfinex recover $106,000 of stolen BTC Cryptopia reports on the losses from its January hacks
  • This Week in Bitcoin podcast

    Faketoshis, JP Morgan Coin, Samsung Blockchain Phone, Millenials


    A new person (not CSW) comes on the scene claiming to be Satoshi The impact of JP Morgan and CBDCs on bitcoin Shift Card ending its debit card service The new Samsung Galaxy, crypto and blockchain friendly Coinbase wallet app now supports bitcoin cash Millennials place their faith in crypto

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