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Unpacking the true complexity of facilitation with Thomas Lahnthaler

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Welcome to a vibrant discussion with Thomas Lahnthaler, a master facilitator who skillfully blends human behavior, social dynamics, and transformation to help companies steer through uncertain waters. Today, Thomas joins us to unravel some common misconceptions about facilitation. He challenges the often oversimplified view that facilitation is just about ticking boxes and offers a richer, more nuanced perspective. What we’ll explore: 👉 **Thomas's Background :** from crisis management in Africa to leading workshops globally 👉 **The Art of Great Facilitation:** What does it really take to excel in this field? 👉 **Beyond the Basics:** Why is there no straightforward answer to 'What is facilitation?' 👉 **Crafting Your Style:** Learn how to develop and refine your own facilitation style, turning your personal strengths into professional superpowers. ******************************************************************* **Email your questions to** : [email protected] **Sign up for our Newsletter** “La Workshoppeuse-Gazette” here :

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