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Exploring Innovative Solutions through the Eyes of Children with Bas Warmerdam, founder of ConsultingKids

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I have the great pleasure to welcome Bas Warmerdam, founder of ConsultingKids. Not only does he work with renowned companies as a consultant and facilitator, but he also helps them by turning their complex organizational issues into simple concepts for kids to creatively solve, then applies their solutions back in the organization. Today, he joins us to unveil the concept and the magic of this new way of working. What to Expect in Our Conversation: Bas shares insights into: 👉🏻 **His Background** 👉🏻 **The Concept of ConsultingKids:** an innovative approach of using children's perspectives to tackle organizational challenges. 👉🏻 **The Power of Children's Thinking:** Explore how children ask different questions and generate a multitude of ideas, sparking innovative solutions. 👉🏻 **The Companies and Success Stories:** Delve into the clients and the fascinating challenges that ConsultingKids has successfully addressed, turning organizational issues into enchanting adventures. ConsultingKids leverages the creative, uninhibited thinking of children to develop innovative solutions for organizational and societal challenges, regardless of complexity. For more information, visit [ConsultingKids website]( And... they would love to get in touch with companies and government organizations around the world to help solve their top 5 challenges, no matter the complexity! For contact, email Bas, the founder, at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).

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