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Digital Transformation, Dunbar limits and Designing effective teams ft Giles Anderton (ex-Guardian)

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ex-Head of Digital Transformation at the Guardian, and Principal Consultant at Cantor & Ball, Giles Anderton knows what it takes to ‘break it before you make it’. In this podcast Tim & Damian explore Giles’ story, the effect of Dunbar’s no. on organisations and how he design teams at produce results. Listen in as they gain valuable insights on their quest to make work, work better.   
 Find out more about what Giles is up to now:  • Twitter: @gilesa74 • LinkedIn: gilesanderton

Recorded at Spacecubed Perth, Western Australia • Hosts: Tim Brewer & Damian Bramanis • Producer: Dave Hack • Theme Music: John Okely • Voice over: Danielle Brewer • Executive Producer: Frank Llama • Brought to you by • The Work Design Podcast is dedicated to all things Org Design, Team design and job design. Join us as we together making work, work better by subscribing to the podcast, sharing it on LinkedIn.

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