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S4E20 – Senator David Van – Politics and Conflict, at home and abroad

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Senator David Van is a Liberal Senator for Victoria, who was elected to the Senate in 2019.   As part of this, and arguably as the main reason many Australians might recognise him, David has recently been very prominent in his support for the people of Ukraine.  In this discussion, we speak with David about what this cause means to him and what the situation there might mean for all of us in Australia. 

We also explore David’s fascinating background, which includes time as a horticulturalist, in public relations and as a ski instructor, as well as his extensive interest in, and study into the current geo-political environment – David holds a Master of International Relations degree from Monash University and is undertaking a Master of Strategy and Security degree at UNSW at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA).

With all of this going on, we also ask David what he does for himself – exactly how does he stay healthy, happy and sane in the course of his busy and diverse life?

1:20         David’s upbringing – and experience in horticulture, public relations and ski instructing (all, as it turns out, very useful preparatory skills for a career in politics!)

7:22         Why the career change into politics? (and how do you get into politics?)

10:00       David’s support for Ukraine – and his frontline experience there

15:30       Is the conflict winnable (or loseable?)

18:30       What more should the West – including Australia – be doing?

22:30       What does the Ukraine situation mean for our region – and in particular, Chinese attitudes towards Taiwan?  And what should Australia be doing about this?

29:10       David’s views on the current state of democracy – and its ability to stand up against emerging totalitarian regimes

32:00       David’s reflections on the current state of the Liberal party

35:00       How does David stay sane, fit and healthy?

36:50       On Josh Frydenberg

39:40       David’s reading recommendations…

41:40       …and his power song!

44:40       What’s next for David?


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