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S4E15 – Beau Miles. Our Famous Backyard Adventurer

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Beau Miles is an award winning filmmaker,  PhD, a poly-jobist, speaker, writer and oddball. His YouTube Channel houses his movies which have been watched millions of times. One short film, ‘Running a marathon a mile at a time’ has been viewed over 4 millions times. 

It’s a bit better that our YouTube channel!

We talk life and living. The importance of art and where Beau gets his mad ideas! 

Tune in. Beau is certainly filling his unforgiving minutes with 60 seconds worth of distance run.


6:00         Who is Beau Miles…. And introduction

8:40         Giving kids space to find themselves

14:10       What is a poly-jobist?

16:30       Has Beau found his Ikigai?

18:30       Talking YouTube…. Crazy tasks and whacky ideas. What was the most punishing?

24:00       Do we have free will? Where are we relative to computers and AI?

28:15       Where do the ideas come from?

38:00       Talking art and pop.

40:40       Can you make it on YouTube? What’s the recipe?

46:00       Talking about the book-  ‘The Backyard Adventurer’

50:00       How does the family keep up?

54:00       Talking music with Beau…..



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