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15. Bölüm: Let’s Talk About The Hijab

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The hijab has become a political lightning rod recently, which has perhaps made some people shy about asking any questions, for fear of stirring controversy or offending the wearer.

But our guest this week, Efnan Han, has very graciously agreed to not be offended by any questions and guide us through both the basics and intricacies of wearing a headscarf. On top of being very patient, Efnan is also a news presenter at TRT World and the first hijabi woman to present news on any international channel.

I hope it goes without saying that everyone's experience with the hijab is unique and personal. Efnan isn't a religious authority and isn't speaking on behalf of all hijabi women everywhere. She's simply sharing her own story so that we can begin to have a more open and hopefully more understanding conversation by both sides.

If you want to read more about Turkey's complicated relationship with the hijab, here are some starting points:

- The head scarf, modern Turkey, and me by Elif Batuman in The New Yorker

- Turkey: Battle of the Head Scarf by Roger Hardy in the BBC

- Why Headscarves Matter So Much To Turkey by Nathaniel Handy in Fair Observer

- Balaclavas Are Trendy, but for Some Muslim Women It's More Complicated by in The New York Times

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