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Halloween is here and it's bigger than Independence Day, or even Christmas. How did this happen? The United States was born as a Judaeo-Christian nation, not pagan, but these days you are prohibited from displaying a cross or a Star of David in your workplace while skeletons are ok. What's next, the burning of Bibles? Don't be surprised. Halloween is a kind of death worship, and as such is a sure sign of a dying civilization. And who is behind it? Well... in suburban neighborhoods, the Biden/Harris supporters have the most fake spider webs on their bushes. And in Washington Biden's liberal attorney general has likened concerned parents to domestic terrorists. Meanwhile liberal cities are killing small businesses by encouraging rampant theft. The podcast incorporates Savage's recent Newsmax appearances discussing these things, and also incorporates two very important warnings. First, the Prophet Isaiah who warned against false Gods. Second, actual recordings of the GREAT ALDOUS HUXLEY who authored "Brave New World" and predicted some of the real-life horrors we are living through today: state indoctrination of children, propaganda by the government-media complex, spying and control by too-powerful technology companies. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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  • The Michael Savage Show podcast

    No Blood for Gas: Biden's Ukraine/Russia Tragedy


    As the world watches, America hangs on a precipice. Facing threats from within and without, desperately in need of true leadership. Instead, her leaders are weak, corrupt globalists who choose to relinquish her borders, shame her patriots, and put her at risk. Savage is joined by Breitbart's Joshua Klein to discuss how to save America from the threat within and avoid catastrophe in Ukraine. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • The Michael Savage Show podcast

    No to War in Ukraine: Zero U.S. National Security Interests


    The U.S. has zero national security interests in Ukraine. This issue should be resolved by Ukraine, Russia, and Nato. Germany wants no part of a war with Russia. Biden and his administration are blundering the delicate Ukraine situation. Nations are evacuating citizens from Ukraine while telling the public to remain calm. Russia has not made difficult demands, but the Biden Administration fails to make diplomatic decisions. Interview with Scott McKay from the American Spectator. America is largely involved in Ukrainian corruption. A lot of foreign aid is illegitimate and is used for money laundering. The Bidens have had financial interests in Ukraine. Savage worries that this could be a repeat of WWI. Why have the democrats targeted Russia? Why are the democrats seeking war? What do tyrants do when they realize their house of cards is collapsing? They start a war. Tyrants use war and other fears to undermine our freedoms. Is Taiwan next? What does the average American do? Where are the republicans? McConnell and others have their own interests to protect. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • The Michael Savage Show podcast

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  • The Michael Savage Show podcast

    Terror Strikes America + Part 2 of 'The Last Jewish Gangster'


    Our fractured government is a reflection of our fractured society. Children being raised without parents or authority. There is no order. There is no honor. Two party system pits us against each other - the oligarchy continues to do as they please, imposing rules we do not have to follow. How can we heal our fractured nation? Psaki clip on Texas synagogue terrorist. What if all the Jews were armed? Ukrainians and Greeks remember the evil of the security state. Media and government fomenting hate between races, classes, and political parties. Savage and Stinchfield question how the terrorist obtained a visa and gun? Savage and Sugerman banter about living to the age of Moses. Sugerman describes the differences between Jews and Italians. Sugerman tells about Meyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano. The government has become the gangsters. Sugerman and Savage discuss Putin. Why are Jews liberal? Why do they resist their own survival? What will happen with Ghislaine Maxwell? All religion boils down to the golden rule. Anyone could be considered a terrorist. The Biden admin is targeting religious objectors to the vaccine. Wake up before you are targeted yourself! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • The Michael Savage Show podcast



    Are you a 'Domestic Terrorist?' During Obama's reign Savage penned a prophetic book entitled "Trickle Down Tyranny". In its first chapter he wrote the script for a President who could save our country. That President came along in the person of Trump, followed the script to the best of his ability, and almost saved us. In the last chapter Savage also predicted exactly what would happen without such a president "... a gradual habituation of the people to being GOVERNED BY SURPRISE, receiving decisions deliberated in secret, to believing that the situation was so complicated that the government had to act on information the people could not understand..." Precisely what we have under Biden. Behind the Scenes - Team production meeting Inspired by Sinclair Lewis’ novel “It Cant Happen Here” which envisioned a United States taken over by a fascist regime. Points from Stop the Coming Civil War. Talks about the patriots imprisoned indefinitely after the January 6th Capitol incursion, Nationwide vaccine mandates, and a Ministry of Propaganda run by Media Demagogues, The uncivil civil war - talks about how the left is like the devil that says he doesn't exist Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • The Michael Savage Show podcast

    The Last Jewish Gangster, Part 1


    The history of the Mob and the history of Jews in America is a history that Myron Sugerman, author of The Last Jewish Gangster from Meyer to Myron, traces from the earliest days of the Mafia to the present day. He tells the Mob story from a Jewish viewpoint, with stories from his firsthand experiences and connections with some of the most infamous Jewish mobsters; Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel, Lucky Luciano and Arnold Rothstein. In this podcast he tells us How the Mob fought the American Nazi Party in the 1930s. - How they provided vigilance on the piers of New York during World War II and their cooperation with the U.S. Department of Navy Intelligence. - How they secured arms for Israel in violation of the Neutrality Act. While we do not glorify his story, we think it is a story of America worth telling. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • The Michael Savage Show podcast

    The Decline of the West: Will China Take Over?


    Will China dominate the world? Did a century old book predict the end of Western civilization? Savage explores these questions and more as he offers a rare glimpse behind the scenes of the Savage Nation. Savage speculates whether World War I commenced the end of Western civilization. NY mayor allows immigrants voting rights. Savage reads from Spengler's The Decline of the West. Spengler wrote about Caesar-ism. Savage takes comments from staff. Spengler states that we belittle eastern history. Will China rule the world? Are they already ruling the world? Savage has staff join him. More Americans believe in violence against the government. Crime soars in the us. Even liberals arm themselves. Chinese teaching young to defend. America is destroying its own young. Savage talks about servitude and freedom in the decline of the west. Conservatives stand up to Macron in france. Marjorie Taylor Greene removed from Twitter for stating there are breakthrough cases of Covid. Savage reads from Spengler about Jews. Savage explains why Jews are important. Jews are the cornerstone of major religions Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • The Michael Savage Show podcast

    Dr Malone: The Dangers of the Covid Vaccine for Children, Part 2


    Savage welcomes back Malone. All mass movements spread with hatred. Savage and Malone discuss mass formation psychosis/ hysteria. Google revised the search results for mass formation psychosis. Malone says being removed from Twitter has catapulted his name to the public. Savage jokes that they gave him 'white privilege.' Malone promotes the Washington demonstration 'Defeat The Mandates' on January 23rd. Malone says it's no longer about left or right, it's about personal freedom vs. collectivism. The World Economic Forum has actively groomed leaders globally. Gates and others funded war game experiments. Savage reads from Mass Hysteria. It's unprecedented that the elderly have asked the youth to make a sacrifice for them. Fauci is like a sorcerer. They discuss indigenous plant medicine and how the native Americans used the pitcher plant to treat smallpox. Malone observes the importance of indigenous medicines and how much of them have been eradicated. Malone and Savage discuss how DNA plays a part in the immune system. Malone and Savage explain the importance of natural immunity. Savage shares a story about his father in New York. Malone acknowledges the wisdom of the everyman. Savage asks about tonsils. Malone says this is a great example where it was better not to 'trust the science.'  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • The Michael Savage Show podcast

    Malone / Savage : Vaccines


    Part 1: Savage welcomes Dr. Robert Malone. Why is the establishment focused on discrediting Malone? Savage asks about the difference between Covid vaccine and measles, etc. vaccinations. Malone explains that COVID-19 vaccine is not licensed, other concerns. Malone explains myocarditis concerns for Covid-19 vaccination for boys. Malone reviews the rulings at the Nuremberg Trials. The trials established that we would not force people to take experimental medical treatments. Malone explains what a mRNA vaccine is. Covid is an RNA virus much like influenza. Malone is not anti-vaccine, in fact, has been involved in vaccination science. Malone states that the data is established. He states that the risk-benefit for children is inverted. Children face better outcomes without the vaccine. The government has created financial incentives for Covid-19 treatments and deaths. Malone reviews The Atlantic attack piece on him. The Atlantic has been purchased by Gates and other tech oligarchs. Malone posited that only the most vulnerable should have been vaccinated. He hypothesized that we would have breakthrough variants. Fauci and others had email communication that they would silence epidemiologists and others who questioned the lockdowns and other measures. Savage and Malone take on Fauci. Fauci is above the law. Malone has been placed in a digital gulag. Malone's considerations are focused on children and the vaccine. Israel pushing the vaccine more than any other nation. Malone explains that Israel is receiving incentives from Pfizer for vaccinations. Malone states that Pfizer is a criminal organization. Pfizer considers fines just part of doing business. Malone warns against over use of vaccination much like the use of antibiotics. Initial vaccination designed for the original Wuhan variant. Savage and Malone discuss mass formation psychosis. Language changed for anti-vaxx. Also, calls made for changes to the Hippocratic Oath and the Nuremberg Trials. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • The Michael Savage Show podcast

    The Last Radio Show


    Savages Final Radio Show on December 31, 2020: Radio revolutionized America. Thank you to the Listeners. Paul Revere Society and Conservative Conventions. Milestones of the Savage Nation (National Radio Hall of Fame, Electing Trump, Etc.). “IF” by Rudyard Kipling. How COVID affects different ethnic groups, and how medications may have an effect. Callers discussing why they love the Savage Nation. Interview with Dr. Savage’s son Russ. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • The Michael Savage Show podcast

    RARE INTERVIEWS from The Savage Nation Archives


    From the rare archives, Savage's most memorable interviews with some of the most interesting people: Michio Kaku - Theoretical Physicist David Mamet - American Playwright, Filmmaker, and Author James Fallon - The Psychopath Within Pat Moore - GreenPeace Founder Sam Cohen - The Father of the Neutron Bomb. Steve Allen - Comedy Legend Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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