The RUN EAT SLEEP Show w/ Tommie Runz podcast

Ep. 107 - Nikki Hiltz - “A Champion”

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Finally got Nikki Hiltz on the show!!! I had been wanting to talk to them for like a year now but they were way too busy tearing up the circuit! Nikki is a true champion! During their journey, not only have they risen to the top of the sport and had a 2023 practically second to none, Nikki has shouldered some of the burden of making change in a sport that so desperately needed it. We discussed the Nikki’s last couple years, how coming out as gay differed drastically from coming out as trans/nonbinary, support systems and Pride 5K. Note to Nikki - Thank you for all you have done and are doing in an industry/sport that doesn’t seem to like change at times. You are giving a voice to so many people! Each step you make for and with the LGTBQ+ community is also a step for other underrepresented and underserved communities! And for that I’d like to say thank you!

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