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#027 – Hip Hop’s 50th Birthday, plus the Murders of Tupac & Jam Master Jay with Naima Cochrane

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In honor of Hip Hop’s 50th birthday, Sara and Jim are joined by music industry veteran and leading voice in Black music and culture, Naima Cochrane. Naima, Sara and Jim discuss the recent headline-making developments in two unsolved murder cases that have shaken the Hip Hop world for decades: Tupac Shakur and Jam Master Jay. As always, the hosts present an insider’s look at some of the evidence that may be considered, and the unreliability of anticipated eyewitness testimony regarding events that happened many years in the past. Along the way, they also break down the origins of the East Coast vs. West Coast rap feud of the 90s, the impact of MTV, and the state of Hip Hop music in 2023. The Presumption will return in January 2024, have a safe and happy holiday season!

Art – Simon & Associates
Music – Caleb Fletcher

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