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8. Can GCHQ see my nudes? With Hannah Khalique-Brown

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The UK’s largest, best funded, and most sinister spy agency, GCHQ are tasked with gathering information and keeping the UK’s communications safe. So obviously Jol and James are asking… Can GCHQ see my nudes? (never shying away from the important questions - ed) Fittingly, James and Jol are joined this week by Hannah Khalique-Brown, an actor who has played a fledgling GCHQ coder on screen AND written an essay on conspiracy theories. Regular listeners will be unsurprised to learn that James is no stranger to the work of GCHQ… after working at Wikileaks and then on the NSA files leaked to the Guardian by Edward Snowden many would be concerned if he wasn’t on a GCHQ watch list. Expect to hear in this episode how GCHQ spyware is named after Smurfs, how James got top secret files out of the UK after British spies made them destroy the copies they had in the UK, and extracts from Hannah’s university essay on… conspiracy theories. Hannah stars as Saara Parvin in Channel 4’s new cyber warfare drama, The Undeclared War, making her the perfect guest to discuss the supposed snooping powers of GCHQ. Email us your thoughts on [email protected] Once a week with us not enough? Join us in the Tier 4 Platinum circle. Subscribers to Tier 4 Platinum circle will get an extra episode every week, where we’ll be discussing new developments in the world of conspiracies, extended tangents and subscribers get the exclusive opportunity to get in touch and tell us what we’ve got wrong. Plus, subscribers get all episodes of the show completely ad-free. Visit the New Conspiracist show page on Apple Podcasts and hit ‘try free’ at the top of the page to start your free trial. A Somethin Else & Sony Music Entertainment production. Find more great podcasts from Sony Music Entertainment at To bring your brand to life in this podcast, email [email protected] Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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