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Forged in Fire Pt. 1 - Forward (S3E26)

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Okay, it's time once again to ask our favorite question: What the hell do we do now!? The immediate threat from The Magio has been handled, but now an even bigger threat looms. And some of the biggest players in the game want Mark, Theo, Kira and Anna to get on the front lines in a battle they're only just beginning to understand. Lock and load, people.


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Jonny Grubb as the Keeper

John Wander as Mark Clayton (The Divine)

Lauren Johnson as Kira Ashwood (The Initiate) and Anna Ashwood (The Apprentice)

Miah Detjen-Wander as Theo Nessos (The Searcher)

This episode was edited by Miah Detjen-Wander and Lauren Johnson.

Theme song by Jonny Grubb.

Cover art by Gabe Schmidt.

Incidental music from Epidemic Sound.

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