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Book Club: Covering the Story (S3 Act 1)

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So much has happened, but what does it all mean? Well, we can't tell you everything, but we can tell you how we feel about it. Join the cast as we reminisce on everything that's happened in the first Act of the final Season of The Cover Story. Let's indulge in all that intensity as we revisit the Family Business, Dead Sea, Reaper, Face to Face and Witchwood arcs. WE HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS!!!!


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Jonny Grubb as the Keeper

John Wander as Mark Clayton (The Divine)

Lauren Johnson as Kira Ashwood (The Initiate) and Anna Ashwood (The Apprentice)

Miah Detjen as Casey Davis (The Freelancer) and Theo Nessos (The Searcher)

This episode was edited by Miah Detjen and Lauren Johnson.

Theme song by Jonny Grubb.

Cover art by Gabe Schmidt.

Incidental music from Epidemic Sound.

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