The MODUS Files - A Fallout Audio Drama Podcast Series podcast

Season 3 - Episode 1 "Revelations"

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Not since the Scorched poured forth from the Cranberry Bog has Appalachia faced a threat as terrible as the Super Mutants who have overrun most of the Savage Divide. The New Enclave suffered a serious defeat at the Battle of Emmett Mountain and the survivors have been forced to flee, scattered to the four winds.

Worse, MODUS has taken steps to protect himself…not from the Super Mutants, but from “human failings and weakness,” utilizing nightmarish technology and data collected from Project SOMNUS and Commander Sofia Daguerre’s "Deep Sleep" Program.

Trader Red survived her ordeal in the Mire, only to find herself altered, both a blessing and a curse…and ponders what her future may hold.

And as Appalachia fractures, dark forces hidden away below our very feet are emerging into the light. They have their own plans for the world above…plans, which if allowed to succeed, will forever alter the course of humanity.

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