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Cross-Promotional Episode: "Frontier: Stories from Starfield - Voice From the Field"

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Today we have a very special cross-promotional episode, in support of Frontier: Stories from Starfield. This new Podcast anthology follows multiple writers and creators as they weave tales of space adventures, cosmic horrors, and the down to earth trials and tribulations of humanity making its way through Settled Space.

This anthology can be found on Spotify, iTunes, and wherever else you access your favorite podcasts. Keep an ear out for our own episode, Neon - a space noir tale that delves into the darker sides of human nature.

But first, we are pleased to introduce this very special episode - “Voice in the Field” by Bryan Bachman.

Weapons of war come at the cost of those who’ll do the building. Those who’ll mine the resources. And those who’ll seek those resources out. Those are the individuals who wear the same insignia of a grand organization yet carry the mantle of the individual soul.

It is not the organization that is often struck, but the individual whose traumatic life is exploited by those who seek to do the harm. It is in the darkness and solitude of space that those that seek to exploit, hunt those that would be exploited.

Please enjoy & stay tuned for the next episode of the MODUS Files, “Shadow Games” - coming soon!

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